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About Us

NextelleWireless is the wireless provider in USA. The USA owned business is satisfying the needs of the largest organizations and the most technically demanding clients in the region. Nextelle is the most experienced, one of the most qualified wireless Service Providers and Telco Provider. that assists businesses to define their wireless connection strategies.

NextelleWireless is the USA-based company that provide unlimited and othe plans for wireless mobile users. With a biggest support from the best Infrastructure providers we provides Mobile Services.

Services Provided both for Homes and Businesses include:

Unlimited Bundle cellphones and wireless connection plans

Broadband Wireless Internet

International calls

Mobile Connections and Plans

Wireless Broadband , Text and Talk

These technical aspects combine to ensure the company’s customers have consistent and reliable connectivity to the Internet and wireless facilities. The contribution required here should not be underestimated as Nextelle role reflects upon the corporate image of its clients in any and all electronic communications they might have.

This infrastructure used by Nextelle allows us substantial control and management of the 3G and 4G broadband services, and therefore provides greater speed and reliability to its customers.

Stability – e.g., separate dual air conditioning systems to our data centre , 24*7 monitoring systems to pager, etc.